Main activities of the company are:

In line with the implementation of its organizational mission, main activities of Saba Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Company includes the following:

- daily and periodic control over plants' production,

- holding internal operation meetings and co-ordination meetings with regional electric companies and Tavanir company

- employer monitoring of employees during operation;

- collaboration in evaluation and selection of executive contractors, services, suppliers of goods and parts, and final verification of them;

- predicting and estimating the production in the coming years,

- estimating and allocating budget for plants,

- providing required liquidity for all necessary costs of power plants, including the purchase of equipment and services,

- controlling the operational activities of plants, including optimization and repair projects, and inspections,

- planning to carry out optimization and repair projects,

- planning to increase plants efficiency and readiness, reduce time to repair power plants, and manage fuel consumption