Company Introduction

Saba Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Company was founded in the second half of 1391 (2012) to realize the optimal and comprehensive operation of power plants affiliated to Saba Group. The company started its official activities from the beginning of the year 1392 (2013) with the operation of the first phase of Khorramshahr Combined Cycle Power Plant in the form of full O&M. Saba Power and Energy Industries is the main shareholder of the company.

The company's power plants, that are in operation, include Shahid Medhaj Power Plant (Zargan, Ahvaz) with the capacity of 418 MW, and the first phase of Khorramshahr Power Plant with the capacity of 648 MW. Now the company is responsible for the administration and operation of Shahid Medhaj Power Plant of Ahvaz and Khorramshahr Combined Cycle Power Plant. With careful and coherent planning through optimization, and programing preventive maintenance of power plant units, the company is going to act towards maintaining and enhancing the readiness capacity of the affiliated units. With regard to the purchase of Chabahar Combined Cycle Power Plant from Privatization Organization, all operating activities of this company will be assigned to Saba Company. In addition, nominal capacity of the company's operating power plants will be over 1700 MW in the near future.